We provide Managed IT Services to keep your business technology investment secure, reliable, and optimized for your needs.

Using state-of-the-art tools we design, configure, deploy, monitor, and maintain:
  • All modern versions of Microsoft Server and Microsoft Windows PCs.
  • All commonly deployed Microsoft software packages, such as Exchange, Sharepoint, and the Office Suite.
  • Misc. Linux distributions, such as Debian (Open GNU Linux), Redhat, and CentOS.
  • Network switches, wireless access points, and associated infrastructure.
  • Firewalls, dedicated circuits, and Internet connection devices.
  • Security software, such as anti-virus and anti-SPAM software suites.
  • Disaster recovery design, software, and reporting.
  • Backup software, backup devices, and data archiving schemes and reporting.

Video Coming Soon! Want to learn more about our Managed IT Services and find out if its right for your company?
Watch Chris in this video as he discusses the TRM approach to managing business information technology.

Securing your business network is only a hassle if you don't have the experience to blend the right products, services, and processes with your operational, compliance, and efficiency requirements.
After all, what good is enhanced security if it slows your business down to a crawl?
Just as importantly, what good is in ignoring your security when that might bring you to a screeching halt?
These are tough questions.
This is why we ALWAYS recommend seeking the help of experts with a lot of experience.
We're here to help you blend all of these concerns together into a coherent, sane, and efficient system.

We have extensive experience working with the "big hitters" in the industry, such as:

  • Watchguard Technologies
  • Cisco Systems
  • Sonicwall Products
  • Sophos Ltd.
  • ESET North America

Not all vendors are the same.
We can smell a bad vendor from a mile away. Decades of experience working with all kinds of technology vendors has given us a 'sixth sense'.

Not only can we smoothly transition you away from 'bad vendors', but often times having an industry expert in your corner can bring faster resolution to vendor related problems.
Sometimes you'll get a better deal simply due to our involvement.
Sometimes you'll just get a greater quality solution or service from the vendor because we're there and they know we're a referral source.

Whatever the case, put us in your corner and we'll help you navigate your company's technology vendor relationships, and maximize the value you experience with them.

We have a number of relationships in place that can provide you with the right hosting package at a co-location facility.

Whether you're looking for VPN, VPS, Remote Desktop style services, or simply looking for a home for your website, we've got the goods.
We can also put together site redundancy packages using our network of partners or utilizing enterprise hosts like Amazon AWS.

The freedom of wireless connectivity can open up a lot of opportunities for your business. However it can have some major challenges, such as security and consistency.

We have designed and deployed countless unique wired and wireless network implementations.
These implementations include:

  • Segregated and secured corporate and guest wireless with content filtering.
  • Point-to-point wireless LAN connectivity.
  • Complex multi-point to multi-point wireless, such as for warehouses.
  • Virtual networking, as is found with virtual server farms.
  • Wireless backhaul networks consisting of data, voice, and 911 services for geographically diverse communities.
  • Common Megabit LAN implementations as found in most businesses.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to securely connect remote sites and users, such as 'road warriors'.

Technology networking is our bread and butter. If your business has a need for connectivity, give us a call!

Every company has its own unique requirements for accounting, operations, inventory, AR/AP, planning, customer relations and management, and content creation. As a company grows, these needs tend to grow with the company.
That is why we have spent decades working with software vendors while representing our client's best interests. We take the time to fully understand your needs, go out into the marketplace and refine vendor selection options. Once we have found a vendor that you like and that we're confident in, we meet and help communicate your desires to the vendor using the technical language that only programmers understand.
We have the management and technical skills, as well as the business understanding to ensure your end goals are met.

For example, we have worked with both large and small vendors within these diverse product families:

  • Microsoft
  • Sage
  • Intuit
  • Quicken
  • Oracle
  • Amazon AWS
  • Adobe

If you have a software project coming up and could use an extra hand, or if you're unsatisfied with the progress of your current software project, don't hesitate to give us a call.

If you're seeing this, than I guess we have done a decent job, right?
Seriously though, we aren't mega-experts in web development or uber-specialists in SEO, but we do have relationships with key people in this field.

If your web development or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs are fairly basic, we're available to build you a website and get it on the search engines.
If this site that you're looking at now is about as complex as what you're looking for, we can do this in-house.
If your requirements are beyond this, such as a store front, our ethics dictate that we bring in a special vendor. We have a lot of relationships in this industry and we can point you in the right direction. We can even manage the entire process for you if that works best for you.

We all get stuck sometimes, and we've often found that talking it through with an independent party nearly always gets the creative minds working again.

Often times there is a much simpler solution that we just didn't know or think about, or our scope we were thinking in was a bit too small .
On the other hand, sometimes 'zooming out' and thinking a little larger can accomplish several goals at once and ends up creating a far more comprehensive or elegant solution.
Often times, thousands of dollars can be saved with the right combination of brains, experience, and different disciplines providing input to the group.
We thrive on this.
Try us. Give us a call and pick our brains on whatever complex business problem you're trying to solve. From process automation to marketing enhancements, we'd absolutely love to put our creative and business sense talents to work for you.

Frequently Asked Question

We are IT generalists. This means that we've got experience with just about everything you'd commonly find in companies up to 150 employees. When we run into something super-duper specialized, we seek assistance from experts in that specific topic. Usually from the manufacturer of the product in question. That said, the bulk of our work is related to Microsoft Servers (including Exchange and SQL), Firewalls, Switches, WiFi, Printers, and PCs. We're "big picture" infrastructure guys.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands. Its difficult to say at this point.
Our founder, Chris McCoy, has been working in IT since 1997.
We know what to do, and just as importantly, what not to do.

It depends on the situation. For regular maintenance work, there is a fixed amount per month for the basic maintenance necessities. We occasionally update this as your business needs change. For project work, its almost always a fixed cost propsal.

  • Regular maintenance = fixed cost monthly.
  • Non-regular maintenance = per hour.
  • Projects = fixed cost.

We can help integrate them into your Microsoft business network in a limited way. This is due to the limitations of the units themselves. However, we do not 'fix' Macs. That is best performed by a Mac expert.

Absolutely! We love to help our community out anytime we can.

We only work on home PCs and networks for our existing contract clients. We occasionally make an exception to this rule, but not too often.

TRM Consulting, LLC was newly formed in 2016. However our founder, Chris McCoy, has been in senior management and ownership positions for over a decade. Our IT experience goes back to well before the Internet was invented.

Not especially, no. We're here to fit your company's IT needs however you or your IT manager sees fit. We can come in and do the 'heavy lifting', the really technical stuff, or we can quietly perform the monotonous server maintenance tasks. We can even just be another body on-hand when you roll out a new IT change. Its really about how you want to utilize us.

We have found 2 hours per month to be the absolute minimum amount of time required to maintain one server and up to ten employees, on a well designed and maintained network. The more complex the network and the more complex the business needs, the greater the amount of time required to do a quality job. Poorly designed, poorly fitting, or poorly maintained networks require MUCH more time time, regardless of size.
This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of doing IT correctly..reducing your maintenance costs!

Not typically, although we have been known to create fairly basic sites like this one on occasion. If you have relatively simple website needs, we can help you out. Give us a call and lets talk about it.
We do however, regularly offer a plan where you have a fixed monthly cost for us to manage your domain name, website, and hosting.